Monthly Archive: August 2019

Creditworthiness – you should know

The term credit is derived from the Latin word “bonitas” (German: “good condition, excellence”). It is used as a synonym for the creditworthiness of individuals, companies or states. The credit rating (creditworthiness) describes the...

Living on credit Apartment for a loan.

Nowadays, more and more people use credit institutions. What is more, we can say that we live a life on credit. However, why is this happening? Which means that more and more people are choosing credit instead of saving. We take loans not only to satisfy our whims. A loan is often the only reasonable solution to be able to buy e.g. Property.

Credit interest

Deposit rates To be able to estimate the mortgage lending and the home loan more accurately, the numerous loan calculators that are available on the Internet are ideal. The online service easy Credit belongs...