Dirty name limits credit, loan and new job

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I have the dirty name can I ask for a personal loan or loan? With the dirty name, I get a good job? My name got dirty in the square, what do I do? Making a loan, taking money on the financial borrowed, buying financed or long-term products, has long ceased to be a bureaucratic or time-consuming operation. Usually you do not even need to sign any type of document or promissory note to guarantee the loan, function available in banks and credit cards.

There is now a flurry of financial institutions, card managers and, of course, retail banks all offer fast personal credit, facilitated financing, and “instant loans” in their branch networks, credit shops, and call centers. Department stores such as C & A, Renner, Riachuelo and several Hyper and Supermarkets with Extra and Carrefour also offer financial products and services to their customers.

What gives access to these lines of credit

In order to obtain bank credit and financing lines, the interested party can not be included in any list of credit protection registries, can not be defaulted or owed to any creditor, or be it, have to have the name clean in the square, and good credit history, otherwise the credit is restricted.

We all know that keeping the restricted name in one of these databases and other protection agencies – limits the consumer by depriving him of personal loans, financed purchases, financing of goods and access to credit generally.

In addition, it makes it difficult to formalize some types of contracts with service providers, but the worst obstacle of all is to get a new job, with dirty name is very difficult. The law states that if the consumer fails to make or delay his payments, he becomes a debtor, and the debt settlement must be cash (it can be negotiated).

To be clearer, once the consumer fails to honor the financial commitment already established, he may have the name registered as a low payer at any time.

Default and non-payment

Default and non-payment

There are several situations that negatively affect the consumer, causing them to be called dirty. The main ones are: sending bad checks in the market place and having debts due, other cases such as failing to pay installments of the credit, vehicle financing, real estate, accounts consumption or card invoices also generate backlogs.

Restriction registration bodies

Each of them has its own criteria and rules for registering the registration. For example, in the SPCs, the inclusion of the name is only made after 30 days of payment delay, in Serasa, that term is defined by the lender.

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