So you get a installment loan despite private credit bureau

In the texts in which the banks explain what is needed to get a loan from her, it is said again and again, one needs a positive entry in the protection community for general credit protection, which is popularly shortened usually only called private credit bureau. Positive means that you have to meet all his payment obligations so far, and the debt should not be too high. But you can still get a installment credit despite private credit bureau (which in plain language means despite negative private credit bureau). This goes through a German bank, a foreign bank and a credit intermediary.

The installment loan despite private credit bureau on a German bank

German banks actually swear by the private credit bureau and would by majority never admit that under certain circumstances they also forgave loans at the private credit bureau. However, they also swear by good business figures, so sometimes they do. Anyone who has a particularly good credit rating, this means a particularly good income, the best prospects, despite the private credit bureau also from a German bank to get a loan.

The installment loan despite private credit bureau about a foreign bank

It is much easier, however, to get a installment loan, despite private credit bureau, through a foreign bank, as it is often enough to give the additional information “without private credit bureau” or “private credit bureau does not matter” in their advertisements. Of course, she also insists on a very good credit rating. The move abroad is rewarding for many people, because these banks do not report the new loan to the protection community, which a German bank will probably do. This means, who takes abroad a installment loan on the explained conditions, who can be sure that this goes hand in hand with the fact that he has no worse creditworthiness in the Federal Republic.

The installment loan, despite private credit bureau on a credit intermediary

The Joker in the game is the credit broker. Anyone who is unable to find a suitable loan for their own purposes can always turn to a credit intermediary who will procure the loan in question. As a rule, these credit intermediaries do their work reliably and are successful even in difficult cases. Of course, they also want to be paid for what they do. The credit becomes more expensive overall.